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Where are my library download links?

I've migrated the website! if you've reached this page, you probably clicked the link from the PDF archive.

In an effort to improve ease of access, create a user account with the e-mail you used to purchase from me. Your past orders should automatically be linked to your account where you'll now easily be able to download and access them.

If you don't remember the e-mail you used for purchase or are not seeing orders that should be in your account PLEASE contact me and I'll add them to your account manually.

Moving the site was a monumental task and there are bound to be some loose ends. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience please know I'm actively monitoring any transition hiccups.


Thank you!

- Chase


You'll see the order history in your account. Click any order number to view the details and associated products along with any available download links.


This is typically what an order would look like, download links are in the product box.

Additionally once your account is active, you should receive automated updates anytime files are updated - so you'll never miss your free sounds or upgrades!


Easily access purchase history and all of your downloadable products...

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