Ambient Elements Bundle

Ambient Elements Bundle

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Preserving the sound of environments, while adding utility...

The ambient elements bundle includes all ambience or nature-themed libraries released under the Sound Spark label. Forests, oceans, room tones, and the like.

My approach to ambient libraries is usually to first ensure that environments are captured in their purest form. This means many of the recordings will have very limited incidental noises. They should serve especially well as a backdrop or a canvas to build a project's scene or atmosphere on top of. I also attempt to take notice of important elements that are useful when isolated. The ocean ambience library includes isolated wave crashes and rock movements for example which can be useful elements for a sound editor/designer to play with.

The source material is always recorded at high sample rates, usually with high frequency response microphones. I am very careful in my mastering approach and avoid any drastic adjustments. Flexibility over personality; or any one perception of what may be "correct".

Technical Specifications

- Recorded / Designed at 24 Bit 96/192kHz

- 100's of sounds! Libraries can be downloaded individually

- No hassle of downloading 1 MASSIVE archive folder

Production Details / Equipment Used

Recorded source materials with Sound Devices MixPre-6 II, Fostex FR-2LE, Rode NT4, Sony PCM-D100, Tascam DR-40

Track List / Metadata

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My Guarantee

Not Happy With a Library or Tool? I’ll Refund Your Money

If you are unhappy in any way with a sound effects library or sound design tool you purchase from me, I will refund you your money no questions asked. I would only ask that out of mutual respect you do so within 30 days from your purchase and that you would discontinue use of the library/tool.

Any feedback on why you are unhappy is certainly appreciated as it will only help me make better products and hopefully provide you a better experience in the future.

Anti-Dust Collector Guarantee

We’ve all done it.. sometimes purchasing libraries or tools for projects that fall through, or even purchase stuff we end up never using at all. I really hope you never find yourself in that situation with a library you purchase from me. However, if you’ve purchased something from me and 6 months down the road find you haven’t used it at all - Get in touch, and tell me about it. I will send you a store credit voucher to purchase something else.

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I absolutely LOVE your forest ambiences. They would sit in so many of my projects so comfortably (I’ve used them already in one project for the BBC) so I wouldn’t think twice about putting that one in my cart.

David Thomas, Sound Designer