Foundations Library Bundle

Foundations Library Bundle

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From glitched robots to ambient forests...

Formerly only available with the Forge Complete Sound Design Toolkit,

The Foundations bundle is a collection of 7 smaller sound libraries ranging in material from recorded props to designed ambiences and devices. In total 1488 sounds are included. Many of these sounds are from my personal collection that I began building as a student. The contents are a bit more varied and obscure than a traditionally 'planned' library.

This bundle should cover a lot of needs for working with a variety of projects although is heavily weighted towards my interests of weird sci-fi and techy sounding stuff.

Libraries Included:

- Ambient, 130 Sounds

- Analog Synth, 701 Sounds

- Cinematic (Formerly Whooshes and Impacts), 203 Sounds

- Generic Props, 88 Sounds

- Interface and Game Sounds, 172 Sounds

- Sci-Fi Devices, 110 Sounds

- Sci-Fi Weapons, 84 Sounds

Technical Specifications

- Recorded / Designed at 24 Bit 96kHz

- 1488 Sounds 5+ Gigabytes

Production Details / Equipment Used

Recorded source materials with Sound Devices MixPre-6 II, Sennheiser MKH 8050, Sony PCM-D100, Tascam DR-40, Rode NTG-3, Rode NT4, SM57, SM7B

Track List / Metadata

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I really like the unique forest ambiences, and the Reaktor tools for randomization add a lot of value.

Very beneficial - the Reaktor plugins, and the Magic library are also very affordable compared to the competition.

I would recommend this library - the forest ambiences, movements, magic and foundations collection all have a strong sound and feel full in a mix.

Alex Gregson, Sound Designer